The best day ever!

Boy, I love surprises! Nobody has ever been able to truly surprise me (when I say surprise, I mean something I REALLY didn’t expect to happen).

That is, until yesterday. After church, I got to hang out and talk with my awesome friend Kelly for awhile. After some good conversation, I went and had lunch with David. After talking for awhile and downing some Del Taco goodness, we headed to Brent’s house to play some ultimate frisbee. Following an exhausting game of ultimate (and throwing around a football too), we headed inside the house for some water. After a brief distraction, aka sweaty man hug with David and Ryan, Teresa walks into the room with this amazing cake and the birthday song commences. I was totally taken aback. I tried with all I could not to cry cause I seriously wanted to. But I decided to be a manly man and fought them back. I really had no idea they were gonna do that and the thought never even crossed my mind. The day didn’t end there. Once we finally left, I went home and got to talk with my best friend Sarah for awhile. We had some really good conversation but before long, it was time for me to head out again. I picked up David and headed over to meet Mike and Ryan for bowling at Concourse ($2 games! a college student’s dream!). While in the process of bowling a 141, 145 and 200 (162 avg., below my average but still not bad), we got to see the Angels’ amazing extra inning win (though it doesn’t seem to matter now). Afterwards, David and I hung out some more before I finally headed back to Biola.

I do feel so blessed to have these friends that do care about me. I know I went all emo on you guys in my previous blog but I am very grateful for each and every one of you. I’m glad there is a group of awesome people at Calvary that aren’t bound to their own click or group. It was the greatest feeling in the world when Teresa walked out with that cake. I appreciate everyone that wished me “happy birthday” and everyone that came to Brent’s house, whether you were aware of the surprise or not. You guys are all amazing and I love each and every one of you!

One question still remains: Who was the mastermind behind all this? (and I don’t mean God)

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