I’ve had enough!!!!

I really have.

I’m tired of hearing about this election. I know it’s gonna carry on for at least another day or three, but I’ve had it! I’m tired of hearing about how I should or shouldn’t vote. I did not like the fact that Pastor Dave gave that little speech on Sunday about Prop 8. I thought it was tacky and out of place in church, which is why I walked out and paid no attention at all. I mailed in my absentee ballot 2 weeks ago and essentially tuned out to the ads. I didn’t particularly like the Yes on Prop 8 ads simply because I think it’s dispicable to use children in political ads. It’s a low brow stratagem that takes advantage of the weak-minded. If we could pass an amendment against that, I’d be the first one on that wagon. I’m tired of politics altogether. I disagree with the policy of “calling” states. How can you declare a state “won” when only 15% of the votes have been accounted for or in the case of California when it’s right after the polls close? They hadn’t declared a winner on the propositions, yet 40% of precincts had reported in. It’s a double standard. I haven’t liked this particular election though. I don’t like what it has done to me. I’m tired of the division of this country; look what it’s done to The View:
Let’s just get back to business as usual. I don’t even care much anymore about the results.

I have my reasons for how I voted and I don’t want to talk about them anymore. It was my own fault for displaying publicly what is supposed to be a private matter. If you have a problem with how I voted though, take it up with ME directly! Don’t feed the Calvary Church gossip hounds! Don’t go to my PARENTS with your problem with MY vote! They may have raised me but my views differ somewhat from theirs. I AM NOT MY PARENTS!!! I am a unique individual with my own ability to think and decide for myself. This is not a crack at my parents though; I have the utmost respect for them and their views. I just think a person with a 157 IQ, college level education and 22 years of life experience has the ability, and right, to choose how he views certain things about this life we live.

God Bless America and God Bless President Obama! I look forward to an interesting 4 years.

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