I think I’m gonna start blogging again

I’ve been thinking lately that I need a place to write down my thoughts. Sure, I could journal. But I also feel like there are people who care about me that don’t get to hear from me very often, either cause I don’t see them or just cause I don’t like to talk about myself a lot. For those that don’t know what’s going on in my life, this blog will be a window to that. Once in awhile, I’ll add a vlog into the mix. I wanna see some participation too. Let me know you’re reading this blog and watching my videos. Give me a shout-out on here, Twitter (@Airburt), the Facebook or wherever you want. So, here we go!

What’s on my mind tonight? Well, I finished catching up with my current favorite TV show, Glee. (SPOILER ALERT!!!) The most recent episode, “Prom Queen”, has the school holding its junior prom. The glee club is asked to perform and does a great job, singing a great selection of songs. The prom scene starts with their rendition of the viral hit “Friday” and ends with Mercedes and Santana doing a great cover of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”, completely appropriate for the first dance of the just-crowned Queen Kurt, even though he is left to dance with Blaine by King Karofsky, who refuses to use the moment to come out of the closet. The songs in the episode were all done well, especially “Friday”, but my favorite has to be Artie’s version of Stevie Wonder’s hit song “Isn’t She Lovely”. This is my take on the current state of the main characters of the show:

Kurt- Definitely solidified as my favorite guy.

Finn- Good guy, but Rachel might be a better match for him than Quinn.

Puck- The whole thing with Lauren is cool. His personality is definitely improving too.

Artie- A great guy to identify with. His turmoil over losing Brittany makes him more real than ever. Definitely my favorite character overall.

Sam- His family issues have added a depth to his character that wasn’t there before. Liking him more.

Will- Love that he and Emma are getting close again. She needs him.

Brittany- She’s always been my favorite girl. Rooting for her and Artie to get back together.

Santana- The whole lesbian thing works for her. Slightly less mean and showing a more human side that we haven’t seen much of.

Rachel- She’s getting better. Her character hasn’t been developed a whole lot this season. I’d say she’s marginally a better match for Finn than Quinn, though neither is really all that good for him.

Quinn- She’s still pretty mean and selfish, which makes her my least favorite on the show, besides Sue of course.

Mercedes- She’s got depth, heart, attitude and an amazing voice. Very well-rounded.

Lauren- Selfish, but has her moments.

Sue- It’s Sue.

I can’t wait for the final two episodes of the season. The next, “Funeral”, is supposed to be another emotional one with a death occurring that someone must deal with. The finale, “New York”, should be thrilling as they compete in Nationals.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I’ve got a lot on my mind, but I want to save some for another post. I WILL try not to make my posts TOO long, same with my vlogs. They won’t all be about Glee either, I promise 🙂

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