Memorial Day. A day we look back and remember those that have given their lives to protect the freedom we enjoy every day. A day off we get to spend with our friends and family.

Well, today was definitely a day to remember. From the moment I got up, I was actively involved in something. A decent portion of my family came over to BBQ and celebrate my dad’s birthday (on May 26th actually). Being the family IT guy, my knowledge was put to work several times. Much to my enjoyment, it was all related to Apple products 🙂 . I was able to assist one aunt with her issues on her 17″ Macbook Pro, my other aunt with an iPad question and my sister with building a slideshow on her 13″ Macbook Pro. After everyone had left, I went over to my friends’ house for some more BBQ and hanging out. We then went to a park to play some tennis which, in my condition, was quite a task. Last Wednesday, I sprained my ankle playing basketball when another guy fell on my leg while we were going for a loose ball. I’ve been on crutches since then; but I feel it has been healing rather quickly. Tennis was really fun though I hadn’t played in years. After hanging out at the local Dairy Queen for awhile, I finally came home and got to relax a little. But, none of these specifically is the reason for this post.

While my family was here, I got a chance to talk with my aunt about my missions trip to Boracay last year. She had followed the trip blog, but I hadn’t really talked to her about it (at least not that I can remember). While we were talking, I came to a realization: one of the reasons I really liked the trip was because of how socially connected it was. I’m not talking about the group connection or interaction with the people; I mean our connection to home. The fact that we had internet access and were able to connect with everyone back home and tell y’all what we were doing whenever we had the chance. Just the blog itself gave the trip a flavor I hadn’t given much thought to before. As far as I know, few prior Calvary missions trips had done that to the extent that we did. I feel like this will become more prevalent as the digital age moves forward and we utilize ways to get people involved in missions. It is definitely an awesome way to keep your supporters constantly informed as to what they are actually supporting!

Another reason I really liked the trip, and I knew this awhile ago, is because I enjoyed being involved in the organization of it. Organization is something I enjoy doing and I like bringing things together to make something happen. I loved essentially being in charge of all fundraising events for the trip, planning however many different things we needed to do to raise enough money to go. It was cool to be heading up the blog writing and simply being the technology person for the trip, posting photos and such. A small part of all that is about being in power, but it’s mostly cause I like organizing and I’m a perfectionist (organization+perfectionist=neat freak. lol).

The remaining reasons for liking the trip I have already described in a previous post, as well as on our trip’s blog (Kenya/Boracay STORM 2010). I still look back and wish I could go again this year; but, I realize that it’s just not God’s plan for me right now. Maybe next year. For right now, I look back with joy for what we accomplished and the friendships we made there. In the same breath, I look to the future for the seeds we planted and the possibility of returning to see them in full bloom.

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