July 22

Some personal stats about today:

2005: Been working my first job, at Big 5, and been “dating” Charlie for a month.
2006: Been working at Wal-mart for almost two months.
2007: Been back about a week from my first college Houseboat trip.
2009: Been back almost a month from my road trip to Yosemite.
2010: Day 2 of my missions trip to Boracay.

It seems like the past few July’s have been very significant in my life, from my first job to my first trip overseas. It’s amazing to think how my mindset has changed in just a few short years. Back in 2005, I wasn’t interested in doing all of the technical, behind-the-scenes stuff that I do now. Even 2 years prior to that, I wasn’t even thinking of pursuing ANY career in technology. Now, the more involved that I get, the more I realize how much I enjoy it. In addition, I see that God is leading me on a path He knows is right for me. As I’ve been looking for work these past 33 months (nearly 3 years!), I’ve gotten interviews at several places that I’ve felt are a perfect match for me. Every single one of them has passed on me. Apple (twice), Micro Center (thrice), Verizon (16 times!)…..all passed on me! I’ve grown more frustrated with every rejection. Yet, I’ve come to realize that God is lining me up for the job that will give Him the most glory.

In April 2010, I officially started my current job. I am a tech for special events at Calvary Church of Santa Ana. I’d been volunteering for certain events up until then. In addition, that September, I started as a tech for school chapels at Calvary Christian School. I’ve also been volunteering in CCSA’s high school and college ministries as a tech for 1.5 and 3.5 years, respectively. I have loved doing all of these and have gained some valuable experience for the future. Just this past January, I successfully put together our college group’s Sunday Night Live show (Saturday Night Live, but clean and better), technically speaking, and will be starting that process again very soon!

This has all been crucial in preparing me for what I believe God has in store for me next. After going to Boracay last year, I’ve always felt something tugging at me to go back. For awhile now, I’ve felt like my next step was going to be putting together a trip to go back to Boracay next summer. But, recent revelations have me thinking otherwise. Not too long ago, a friend approached me saying they were gonna be leading an upcoming missions trip. This piqued my interest a little, as it would be happening sooner probably. Even more recently, I’ve been discussing with a friend about out future plans. He is looking to start a kids summer camp and I am now looking at the possibility of being his “technical director”. I am really excited about this prospect! I still believe that I’m being led to go on another trip prior to that. God, I believe, wants me to gain some experience in a position of leadership in order to be prepared for the leadership that a technical director must exhibit. Especially after starting up the trip to Boracay, leading a missions trip will give me valuable experience in dealing with the roles of leadership of people, as well as the wisdom and flexibility that are needed when dealing with another culture. All of this allows me to look to the future with a fervor and excitement that I have scarcely felt.

I hope to update everyone more as God reveals more of what He has in store for me.

In the service of the Almighty One

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One Response to July 22

  1. Air Burt says:

    Forgot to mention, it has now been over a year since my Disneyland pass expired too 😦

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